Balanced Challenge Day 4| March 14: Believing God (Chapter Four)

Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced

Day 4: Believing God (Chapter Four)

What have you been called by God to do? Take a few minutes away from work and family to sit with your Bible and talk to God. Believe that God placed your dreams and passions in your heart. Find a verse that speaks to you about this, and post it today on your blog.

I have actually spent a lot of time pondering this lately.

My mom tells me God has gifted me with an amazing ability to write. My kids tell me they’re blessed to have me as a mom. My mom and my kids tell me I’m doing exactly what God wants me to do by home-schooling.

I feel compelled to write. I feel compelled home-school. I am a mom (I don’t believe that is a calling – it’s a gift) But I also try to listen daily to God’s voice (through the spirit). I haven’t always been the best at listening and I haven’t always obeyed even when I have heard but I am trying daily now to do both.

I am blessed to have such an amazing family! They encourage me and they work alongside me to get closer to God.

My son is a prophet (spiritual gift) and he never hesitates to let me know when I need to work on something (IN LOVE) and he is the first one I go to when I’m not sure which side of the line a book or a movie falls. He’s very quick to tell me whether it’s appropriate or not.

Do you need more Balance in your life? Would you consider implementing these suggestions into your own life? Would you tell us about it?

This post is part of the Balanced challenge with Tricia Goyer—and you can join, too!

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Balanced Challenge Day 3| March 13: Get Your Kids Involved (Chapter Three)

Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced

Day 3: Get Your Kids Involved (Chapter Three)

How can you get your kids involved in what you’re working on? How can they experience what your job is like and contribute to it? For me, that meant allowing my kids to come with me on research trips or to meet people I was interviewing. Write a blog post about different ways you can involve your kids in your job, then stop by others’ blogs to see if you can use their ideas with this task!

My kids are already VERY INVOLVED!

They spend a lot of time each day asking me how many words I have, giving me ideas about things to add in (some of them are a little silly but they are 7 and 10) and telling me I can do it – when I want to quit.

They are my BEST cheerleaders!

I am also blessed to have an amazing mom! (I think I mentioned that before) She encourages me so much and I couldn’t do any of this without her! No she’s not one of the kids but she can’t be left out of the important area of how my family encourages me!

Currently, I don’t get a whole lot of writing done every day but if I get a thousand words a day, I’m happy. And no, I don’t always get a thousand words a day. But I’m  mom. I’m busy.

The kiddos help with that too. If I haven’t reached my target count for the day, they tend to turn into little task-masters and give me “that look” until I get going again.

GOD BLESS THEM! I couldn’t do any of it without them!

Do you need more Balance in your life? Would you consider implementing these suggestions into your own life? Would you tell us about it?

This post is part of the Balanced challenge with Tricia Goyer—and you can join, too!

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Balanced Challenge Day 2| March 12: Your Work (Chapter Two)

Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced

Day 2: Your Work (Chapter Two)

What can you do or change to make working from home actually work for you? Creating an office space? Cleaning up that office space? Looking into finding a babysitter for a few hours a day? Take the first steps in making the change, then take a photo of your progress and post it on your blog.

This challenge is A LOT different for me than it has been for Tricia!

Why? I am a single mom.

I am blessed to have an amazing mom! She wants what I want, for the children to be home-schooled, grow in a wholesome, nurturing environment and to have unlimited access to their own mom.

We are only given a few short years with our children and I have never understood why so many people insist on wasting those years on such silly things. I value every minute I have with my children!

Now don’t get the wrong idea. They do not follow my every footstep throughout our home all day. We spend time together as we do school, as we eat meals and as we do Bible study. Other than that, we try to go outside every day and they ride bikes/ scooters while I walk – usually while talking to Mom while she is on her lunch break at work.

They have their own play room and they spend a lot of time in it. They also spend a lot of time running back and forth between the play room and the living room – where I camp out on my laptop while they’re playing.

I don’t get a lot of writing done this way but I do get some and that’s enough for me. My hope is that, one day I can make enough money writing, that Mom can retire and stay at home while I work from home and we can all have more time to spend together. Of course then, I will need to find some way to make a more specific time frame where I write and get things done online. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I may be revisiting this challenge then to see how it can help me implement a good schedule, once I have more demands on my time. (God-willing)

Do you need more Balance in your life? Would you consider implementing these suggestions into your own life? Would you tell us about it?

This post is part of the Balanced challenge with Tricia Goyer—and you can join, too!

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HEY! Homeschool Moms who also Work at Home!

Don’t miss this book!

20418526Working at home while raising kids and juggling a career and family responsibilities is no easy feat. Author and homeschooling mom Tricia Goyer shares her tips for finding balance among all your many hats as a mom.

I follow Tricia Goyer on Facebook and twitter and her blog and I LOVE her books!

And I must admit that I too – wonder how she does all that she does – or I did, until I read this book.

Yes, she talks about more than just Home-schooling and work – but the rest of it goes hand in hand in my opinion, so it’s just an all around great resource!

I reviewed this book over on my book blog and I’m going to sound a bit like a broken record here but I want to make sure everyone sees this next bit.

Tricia makes a point of saying that this book may not be for everyone.

“Disclaimer. This book may not be for you if: You are looking for a simple how-to manual with only schedules, outlines, and agendas. You don’t think your spiritual life impacts your work and home life. You think the whole balance issue depends on you and not on your dependence on God.

In this book, there is as much inner work I’m going to talk about as there are ideas, helps, and tips for balancing. Because as someone who’s been working at home nearly all of my twenty-four years as a parent, I’ve discovered three main things:

  1. What I do isn’t as important as who I am.
  2. What God can do in my life and what He’s capable of doing can be two very different things—I don’t want to limit Him.
  3. My outward goals are only reachable if I submit my inward soul to God.

If this sounds like a book you need, good. If not, I understand! We moms only have so much time. You need to spend your time, energy, and hard-earned money on a book that will meet your expectations.

Know that I’m praying God will speak to your heart through my story. I hope you’ll discover good advice to help you follow the dreams God has placed in your heart and be the wife and mom you’ve always wanted to be.” – Direct quote from Tricia Goyer (Balanced: Finding Center as a Work-at-Home Mom)

I really respect her for that. It takes a lot of courage and faith to present women with a reason they should not buy your book – and then to tell them you’re OK with it.

And Tricia and I have a lot of different ideas on how a person should carry out their faith but they stem from the same ideals. Each Christian really does need to understand that they have a very different journey. Your walk with God is a very personal thing and what God calls one to do – he may not call another to. The point is this – I can see Tricia’s faith in every word. She may go about her faith and her witness differently than me but she definitely puts it all out there for the world to see!

As a fellow homeschooling mom, I am encouraged by her stories of rushing around the take kids to activities outside the home, struggling to find time in her busy schedule to write and dealing with deadlines on a mom schedule. Other home-schooling moms know exactly what I mean. Moms have to be extremely flexible and home-schooling moms – even more so! Things can and will get crazy!

Tricia’s story tells me something else too –  I am doing something right! I’m also a single mom, so I worry a lot about not doing enough about this or that but Tricia’s encouragement makes me feel like everything just might be OK after all.

I am also a struggling writer, but I’m inspired by Tricia’s journey through writing and publishing. It gives me hope for my own future and it also gives me the strength to not give up!

I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone who is a struggling writer, a work-at-home mom, a home-schooler, new to Christian faith, or someone who is just interested in Tricia Goyer’s life! It’s a great read – no matter your reasoning! Reading about Tricia’s experience with homeschool, faith, writing, family life and social media is well worth it! And it really helps to see how she has managed to weave each one into her everyday life without de-railing everything else.

It’s just a terrific tool for moms – whether they homeschool and work-at-home or not.

I hope you read it and I really hope you enjoy it!

P.S. It’s available HERE on Amazon. For now, at least, it’s only available as an E-book.


Disclaimer: I have no control over the ads you may see below.
I am sorry if any of the content is inappropriate.

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Balanced Challenge Day 1| March 11: Family Priorities (Chapter One)

Get Balanced!
Tricia Goyer Balanced

Day 1: Family Priorities (Chapter One) Determine what your priorities as a family are. Ask yourself a few questions: What do we want to achieve as a family? What will matter five years from now—ten years from now? What will mold our children into God-serving adults? What will bring peace—not stress—to our home?

What do we want to achieve as a family?
What will matter five years from now—ten years from now?
What will mold our children into God-serving adults?
What will bring peace—not stress—to our home

The list doesn’t look all that difficult at first glance but it can be incredibly challenging to break this down into realistic goals for your own family.

• Participate in a daily bible study, together as a family and work at hiding God’s word away in our hearts.
• Nurture my children’s gift of music. God has truly blessed them, blessed us all!
• Spend time together as a family doing something other than eating a meal – since we don’t have difficulty with that one.
• Teach my children the importance of showing our faith to the world
• Prepare my children for the world and their role in it.
• Teach the children the ins and outs of courtship and the pitfalls of dating so that, when the time comes, they can make the decision for themselves and navigate that choice well.

This is my own personal list. And I decided a long time ago that any writing or blogging or social media I might do would come AFTER the children and in between all the extra little things we do daily. That’s why you don’t hear from me sometimes for days. I also store up extra blogs whenever possible and schedule them to post at a later time.

Do you need more Balance in your life? Would you consider implementing these suggestions into your own life? Would you tell us about it?

This post is part of the Balanced challenge with Tricia Goyer—and you can join, too!

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“Pro-choicers”: here’s why you cannot support abortion while opposing puppy murder

OK. I take it back. I do agree with him. WOW! I really agree with him. He may come across a bit more harsh and sarcastic than I might – speaking about the same subjects but he gets his point across!
PREACH it Matt!

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Your 5 year old failed a standardized test. Therefore, he is stupid, insane, and doomed to a life of failure.

“Alright, imagine a terrifying world where 4 and 5 year old children are allowed to play, explore, and dream.”
OK. I’m not wild about the first lines of the article so I quoted the start of the second paragraph. It’s more to my taste anyway.
Truth: I didn’t even realize our state had gone Common Core until all of this started blowing up last year. Then I realized and took a HUGE breath of Thanks to God that I was able to keep my kiddos from experiencing that particular nightmare!
If your kids are currently experiencing Common Core and doing well, I am amazed and in Awe of how Amazing they are! Otherwise, you REALLY might want to consider home-schooling. Seriously.
I haven’t had a chance to check out the entire blog so there may be some things there that I don’t personally agree with but this post had to be shared!
(I’m also not wildly fond of the ugliness going on right now in the comments on the original post)

The Matt Walsh Blog

111104_DX_kindergartenTestingFW.jpg.CROP.original-original (1)

I’m going to grab you by the hand and drag you into hell. I am going to immerse you in a nightmare so hideous and horrifying that it will leave you stunned and gasping for breath.

Are you ready?

Alright, imagine a terrifying world where 4 and 5 year old children are allowed to play, explore, and dream. Imagine a dystopia where young kids roll in the grass and get mud on their pants. Imagine what would happen if small children weren’t constantly being measured or analyzed. Imagine an utter and complete absence of overarching “academic standards” for kids that are barely older than toddlers. Imagine the torment of a country that does not provide government facilities to which its citizens can send their tots for curriculum-based instruction. Imagine a netherworld where innocent little kids aren’t tested, or scored, or compared to the “performance” of other kids all over the globe. Imagine — just imagine —…

View original post 978 more words

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What is in God’s Word? # 1: Why does equal have to mean “exactly” the same?

1606986_430219043748235_1965803363_nI posted the below message on Facebook about a week ago with this picture (The picture was a share from Growing Home)

I think this may be where the whole thing about women being equal to men came from – The point that we were made from his side to be equal to him…
One thing I never understood is this: Why does equal have to mean “exactly” the same.
4+1 = 2+3
They come out to the same thing but they get there a different way. They look the same. They’ll add up or subtract just as easily and they can both be flipped one way or the other but they are different.
Men and Women are different.
I don’t know about you but I would MUCH rather have a man who respects me (pays for dinner/movie with NO expectations) and romances me (opens doors for me and lets me go through first, buys flowers/chocolates for no other reason that “just because”) than a job where I make the same $$ as the guy next to me. Of course that’s all moot for me anyway because I’m one of the weird moms who actually enjoys staying at home with her children and WANTS to be a wife and mother before I want to be ANYTHING else.

Since this is my blog and blogs are meant to be expanded a bit, I will expand on this thought here.

Years ago, someone decided that men and women are equal and they should be treated equally. I have several problems with this basic concept but I’ll get into those later on…

First let me continue with the question: “Why does equal have to mean EXACTLY the same?”

And this gets a bit into my problem with the basic concept anyway…

Above I pointed out that you have 2+3 and they equal the same thing as 4+1. The equations themselves are vastly different however they both come out to the same thing. You can flip them around (2+3 = 1+4) (3+2 = 4+1) (3+2 = 1+4) (2+3 = 4+1) (1+4 = 2+3) (4+1 = 3+2) (4+1 = 2+3) ( 1+4 = 3+2) many different ways and they will ALWAYS come out to the same thing.

Any combination of 2+3 and 4+1 will equal 5. It’s a mathematical certainty. People are the same way. A woman who wears glasses is no less a woman than one who doesn’t. A man who wears a hearing aid is no less a man than another who doesn’t. A man with blue eyes sees things around him in the same way as the man with brown eyes and a woman who is 5 feet tall still stands the same as a woman who is eight inches taller. Being shorter does not make her less of a woman – unless we’re judging volume of course. (Hey… that was a joke)

Anyway, I guess I better get to the point.

The point being that boys and girls are different. And that’s NOT a bad thing.

It’s a good thing.

God made us that way. And that’s how He means for us to be. He has a specific plan for us and it works out best for everyone if we accept it and follow God’s design.

Personally I like the sound of a Proverbs 31 woman…not just for myself, but for my sweet little boy. I want him to have the kind of woman who enjoys being a wife and mother.

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Do you believe in God? Or do you believe in science?

Amen sister!

I don’t think there’s anything I can add to that. Very well said!

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Lesson plans and Life studies: A New Year, A new philosophy.

Matthew 18 3 KJVI sit here thinking about the past year, wondering where it went and I realize something. I have lived my life too much in the past for far too long. I think we all do – whether we mean to or not. We worry that we’re not getting enough done, or that we’re not getting everything done that we want to do. We spend insane amounts of money on insurance and retirement plans for the future but it’s the past we hold onto. It’s the past that we cling to with frightened fingers while we peek through nearly closed eyelids at the future.

I look at my 10 year old and I realize that he has one advantage over me. He doesn’t hold onto the past and he isn’t afraid of the future. He lives in the moment. The Bible tells us…

“Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3

Now I don’t think that means we all need to be silly or immature and I don’t think it means that we won’t get into Heaven if we’re not 100% innocent but I do think it means something very important and we all need to give it a lot more consideration than we typically do.

Most people look at that phrase and think it means we have to trust like little children or we have to be vulnerable like little children but I don’t think it’s either of those things.

Ironically, I think the world actually has the best idea of what Jesus is telling us here. For so many years we “Christians” have scoffed at the idea that our children are more important than anything else in life. We have convinced ourselves that we are doing the right thing when we work hard to provide for them and we’ve convinced ourselves that the best way to educate them is to put them in a school with other kids their own age and we tell ourselves that all of these things we do are for the best, are in their best interest, that we’re doing it for them.

But are we really?

At best, we have eighteen years with our children. After that, they may live at home, they may stay with the family, they may even bow to their parent’s will but they’re no longer a child. And, for a lot of “children”, they stop acting and thinking like children long before their 18th birthday.

So what are we doing? What are we thinking? And what should we be doing, thinking?

Making money is important and providing a good education is essential… BUT neither of those things means a thing if we don’t understand what this verse is telling us.

Like so many of the passages in the Bible, this one can easily be taken out of context too. And I think that’s one of the biggest problems with the typical way we interpret the meaning here. And you have to go further than even the verses immediately around it too. Go back farther than the begnning of chapter 18 and go farther forward than the end of the same chapter. And, at the same time, you have to read between the lines. It’s difficult for us to look at those words and derive the actual meaning from them. Most of us forget that He came into a world that was very different than the one we live in today. There are places in the world that are similar to the Bethlehem Jesus was born in and in the many cities He visited as He spoke and taught the words of His Father but even those places are slowly losing the grip on their old ways.

We think we know better. We think we have the answers, the technology, the knowledge. What we are missing is the wisdom. We as adults, are missing the wisdom that I can see in the eyes of my 7 year old daughter. So many parents are shocked when their children make simple statements that are extraordinarily insightful but it’s really not that shocking when you think about it. In fact, what is shocking is that we wonder where it came from. We wonder why and how they have such insight at such a tender young age.

But Jesus taught in the temple when He was 12. Can you believe that? He was 12. And, at twelve, He was immeasurably wise. He knew what His Father expected of Him… already.

In my humble opinion, He began His ministry then. Actually, He really began His ministry the night He was born. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that His ministry actually began before He was born, with the prophets that foretold of His birth.

And I think the thing we miss most often is this:

We are all little children in His eyes. Jesus had a unique perspective that no one can possibly appreciate fully. He was born into a frail human body and He grew up in that frail human body just like we all do. I can’t begin to comprehend God’s plan – no one can but I do know that part of that plan was to send a part of Himself down to Earth. And I think that is one of the more brilliant portions of His plan. He sent to us a piece of Himself and He did it in such a quiet unassuming way. Absolutely nothing about Jesus conception and birth was spectacular and yet, everything about it was so far beyond spectacular, it’s difficult for people to honestly believe it.

But in His eyes, we are children. We are His children and we are innocent in the way that we don’t fully understand everything about how the world works. We don’t know everything about His plans and we’re really not capable of understanding if we did.

What’s my point? What is the message that the world has gotten that we, so often, miss?

Children are the most important thing in the world! Children are our responsibility, our gift and our legacy. We can make all the money in the world and it doesn’t make a bit of difference if we mess up raising our children. We can advance in our chosen profession to the very top but if we miss our children growing up, it’s all worthless.

We have such a short time, so few years to spend with them, to teach them, to train them up in the way they should go and then our time is up and their turn begins. Our children are our legacy and they are the ONLY thing that matters in this life while they are young.

They are a precious gift that is too often squandered, taken for granted and ignored.

God bless the parents who understand this already and are doing everything they can to parent the right way.

Disclaimer: I have no control over the ads you may see below.
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